Trip 6 to Horseshoe

HorseshoeHello Herring Belles & Beaux,

Another season is coming to an end with the final trip going to Horseshoe where the trail fees are $20 for skiers and $12 for snowshoers.

You have been such a fun group….no complaining about the weather (or other things), no lateness for the bus, above all no broken bones!!! It just remains to say a few thank-yous to secretary Mary, treasurer Hedi, phoners Catherine, Helga and Pam, as well as webmaster Gary — all of whose great contributions make this the smooth-running operation it is. We also have a club photographer, Donald, who will be making his way to the front of the bus as he fills my tiny boots this week!

Have a wonderful day at Horseshoe, enjoy the rest of 2019 and sign up early for next year!

See you then,


Trip 5 to Highlands Nordic

Highlands-Nordic-logoHello Herring Belles & Beaux,

The obvious choice for Wednesday, Feb. 20, was Horseshoe, but we would have been competing for trail space with 130 kids, so we’ll go to Highlands Nordic instead. The costs are $14 for skiers and $10 for snowshoers ….. correct change is appreciated.

Looking forward to a prompt 9 o’clock departure and a great snow day, Christa

An HB&B update

Hello, Herring Belles & Beaux,

Just a note to thank you all for your support in these challenging times …..
But if the TDSB can have a snow day so can we !!  Enjoy !!
I remain optimistic for the remainder of the season 😇
Here’s the really good news:  I confirmed two more trips on Feb. 20 and 27 with Greyhound and we are not being charged for the cancellation today.
Stay tuned for next week’s destination…. I had to tell Donald to stop snow dancing for the time being !!!

See you on the bus, Christa

Trip 5 to Horseshoe CANCELLED

HorseshoeGood day, Herring Belles & Beaux,

We have all day Tuesday to watch the bad weather, but Wednesday we’re going to Horseshoe ! The trail fees are $20 for skiers and $12 for snowshoers which should make collection relatively easy. Perhaps you’ll need a little extra time to get to the bus on Wednesday morning……hoping to leave promptly at 9 a.m., conditions permitting.

Looking forward to a longer day of skiing without extreme cold or rain…..That’s not asking too much, or is it ?

See you on the bus, Christa

Trip 4 to Scenic Caves — and the party!

Hello Herring Belles & Beaux,

ScenicCaves11 degrees ….and it’s a good thing we’re not skiing and snowshoeing today (Monday)!

Wednesday will also be quite a bit milder than last week at Hardwood Hills, unless of course there’s a surprise Arctic Vortex blowing in !!

As we have been planning for a while,  this week’s destination is Scenic Caves where the trail fees are $15 and where the cozy log cabin awaits us for the traditional party.

Red and white wine, glasses, plates and napkins are provided. Bring a sweet or savoury finger food to be enjoyed by all….we have never had too many duplications and we’ve never been short of food !!! 🍇🧀🍓🍪 🍤      🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

The snow dance with fingers and toes crossed continues,   Christa