Will there be a 2022 season?

Update (December 11): Sorry to say that the Herring Belles & Beaux will not be able to offer a ski/snowshoe bus program in 2022.  To finance the program, we needed a minimum of 35 members to register and submit their cheques; however, we received only 26 commitments. We hope that next year will see the world in a better position and that we will be able to resume our ski/snowshoe bus program.  Thank you to all who have been so supportive and we hope you will find ways to get on your skis/snowshoes this winter and to enjoy the season.

Update (November 18): We plan to have a 2022 season if we reach a target of 35 members by December 9. Check out the Join Us page for more info.

The results of the survey suggest we might have the numbers to return to the trails as a club this coming winter.

If we do have a 2022 season, it will be one with differences. Protocols for the bus. Protocols for the ski centres. Protocols for taking part in club trips. We’ll need your understanding — and your help — to make it happen.

A Special Seasonal Greeting to all HBB Skiers and Snowshoers

The Christmas spirit for COVID Times

T’was two weeks before Christmas and all through the town,

People wore masks that covered their frown.

The frown had begun way back in the Spring,

When a global pandemic changed everything.

They called it corona but unlike the beer,

It didn’t bring good times, it didn’t bring cheer.

Airplanes were grounded, travel was banned.

Borders were closed across air, sea and land.

As the world entered lockdown to flatten the curve,

The economy halted and folks lost their nerve.

From March to July we rode the first wave,

People stayed home they tried to behave.

When summer emerged the lockdown was lifted.

But away from caution many folks drifted.

Now it’s December and cases are spiking,

Wave two has arrived much to our disliking.

It’s true that this year has had sadness a plenty,

We’ll never forget the year 2020.

And just ‘round the corner the holiday season,

But why be merry? Is there even one reason?

To decorate the house and put up the tree,

Who will see it, no one but me.

But outside my window the snow gently falls,

And I think to myself, let’s deck the halls!

So, I gather the ribbon, the garland and bows,

As I play those old carols my happiness grows.

Christmas is not cancelled and neither is hope.

If we lean on each other, I know we can cope.

❤💚 Happy holidays from Christa & the HBB team

Russ Jones

Hello HBB skiers and snowshoers,

Russ Jones, who took the Nordic Highlands photo that graces the top banner of our website.

Most of you will remember Russ Jones as our former membership secretary and creative supplier of name tags. For many years he and treasurer Sylvia contributed greatly to the executive that keeps our club running so smoothly. After fighting an ever-spreading cancer with courageous determination, he sadly lost the battle a few weeks ago.

We will miss him as a HBB skier, a walking companion, a neighbour and friend, as we convey our heartfelt sympathy to his wife Sylvia.

My best wishes to all of you, Christa

Herring Belles & Beaux take a sabbatical

Hello HBB membership,

This message will be brief and not unexpected I’m sure, as no amount of snow dancing will make our wonderful outings possible in the 2021 season.

Back in late February most of us would probably not have anticipated this turn of events, but cancellation is the only option at this point. After all, most of us are ‘vulnerable’ seniors and even a half-full bus is too close for comfort and safety. Some of our destinations won’t be accepting any bus groups, while others are suggesting everyone have lunch on the bus! Hedi, Brian, Gary and I look forward to better times in 2022 and wish you the best of health in the meantime.

Christa Naylor, co-ordinator  Hedi Furrer, treasurer   Brian Morrell, secretary  Gary Schlee, webmaster

Trip # 7 to Hardwood

HardwoodHello, HBB skiers and snowshoers,
On Wednesday we will go to Hardwood for what will most likely be our last trip this season…..seven in a row without cancellations has been very lucky indeed  !!


The fees are $24 and $16…..correct change is always appreciated.
Looking forward to great conditions on this history-making day on the trails, Christa

Trip #6 to Horseshoe

Good afternoon, HBB skiers and snowshoers ! ❄❄

HorseshoeAs you are well aware this will be our sixth trip IN A ROW…..unprecedented in recent club history !  The plan is to go to Horseshoe where the conditions are great and the trail fees are $20 and $12.

Trip #7 is also a go as we have  25 paid-up members,  five definites who have promised their money this week (I know who you are !!!) as well as five more who are definite maybes …..giving us 30 plus participants as we had hoped.

On the bus we’ll talk about Feb. 26 which may still be a possibility despite a couple of people who have already told me of their prior commitments.  Talk it up to your friends, bring additional guests and that unheard-of EIGHTH trip may yet happen.
Bring cheques just in case !!!
Snowdancing works.

Looking forward to extending the season,

A look at last week’s party at Scenic Caves. Photo by John Wettlaufer.

Trip #5 – Party at Scenic Caves

Good morning, HBB skiers and snowshoers☃️❄

ScenicCavesWe are indeed in luck this season: once again the trip is on,  this time to Scenic Caves where the popular annual party will be held in the cozy log cabin.  As in the past, everyone brings a sweet or savoury dish to share (ideally finger food) …… red and white wine, plates, napkins and glasses provided from our funds !!

The trail fees this week are $17 for all (please bring the right change).

Just a reminder about the cheques…$30 to ensure a seventh trip (weather permitting) on Feb. 19.  Guests are always welcome,  especially so for this date as we need  at least 30 participants !!

Looking forward to a great day…..skiing, snowshoeing, socializing, eating and drinking..

What could be better ??   Christa

Photos from the Nordic Highlands outing, including evidence of how the group added its weight to solving the Case of the Bus-Stuck-in-the-Ice. Thanks to photographers Jan Schlee, Mary Wilson & John Wettlaufer.

IMG_2573  IMG_7931  20200129_151201

Trip #4 to Duntroon’s Nordic Highlands

Highlands-Nordic-logoGood morning, HBB skiers and snowshoers !

Trip # 4 and no cancellations yet……we are indeed in luck so far !  Keep up the good work snow dancing !

This Wednesday,  as planned,  we are going to Highlands Nordic near Duntroon where the trail fees are a super friendly $16/$10……

Advance  reminder again for next week, the popular annual mid-season party in the log cabin at Scenic Caves…..details on the bus 🥂

Lots of room for guests this week,  bring some friends,

Trip #3 to Scenic Caves

Good morning, HBB members and guests !

ScenicCavesCongratulations to all on the excellent snow dancing ! It actually worked !
Finally a no-brainer this week: The plan as promised is to go Scenic Caves to enjoy the lovely trails and cozy log cabin. Trail fees are the same for all, $17 (please bring the exact amount). Advance notice regarding Scenic Caves: we will go back on Feb. 5 for the annual delicious, mid-season party !! And a further reminder: Perhaps you would like to think about extending the season for one or two Wednesdays if we have no cancellations at all……we’ll have more input on the bus.

See you Wednesday for the third outing in a row,

Photos from last week at Hardwood Hills, with thanks to John Wettlaufer and Brian Morrell. Congrats to wannabe winners Jan, Pat, Helga, Herb, John & Gary.