Trip 4 – Hardwood Hills

HardwoodGood morning Herringbelles and beaux !  This week we are looking forward to a great ski and snowshoe day at Hardwood Hills…..$18 and $11 respectively. 

As always, the right change makes collecting that much easier.  See you on the bus, Christa.


Trip 3 — Horseshoe

HorseshoeGood morning Herringbelles and H-beaux !  The third annual ski trip brings us to Horseshoe where the conditions should be terrific.

Come prepared with lots of food,  as there is not usually as much available as at Duntroon. The right change is easy for this one : $15 for skiing and $10 for snowshoeing.

Looking forward to another great day on the trails, Christa.

Trip 2 — encore at Duntroon

DuntroonAs everyone had such a good day last Wednesday both skiing and snowshoeing, we will do a repeat this week.

After the rain,  trail conditions sound iffy around Barrie, so everyone’s favourite, the tried and true Duntroon, will be our best bet. Prices are same as last time :  $13 and $10.    (Thanks for bringing the right change !)

🎿   See you on the bus, Christa

Membership and Treasurer positions

Sylvia and Russ Jones plan to retire from their Herringbelles & Beaux volunteer activities at the end of this season.

As a result, we are looking for one or two people to assume the volunteer activities they have been doing. This advance notice is being given in the hopes of providing a smooth pass-over.

Membership Secretary:
– Sends out a notification for the next season to all previous members, and any others who have indicated interest, in early October. (Almost all members have email.)
– Receives and records all membership applications, passing the cheques to the treasurer for deposit in the club bank account.
– Re-balances the allocation of members to phoners if need be, to try to ensure our telephone tree does not overtax any phoner.
– Verifies that the phoner volunteers are ok with the lists.
– Prints roll-call lists for the bus trips, primarily to keep track of the attendance of Spares.
– Prints Herringbelles & Beaux name tags as needed.
– Keeps a list handy with the emergency contact information given by each participant, in case of any mishap.
A rudimentary knowledge of some list-making software such as Microsoft Excel would prove useful.

– Helps determine the annual fee structure based on bus charges for the upcoming year, and projection of expected membership for the upcoming year.
– Deposits membership cheques to the club’s bank account.
– Pays the bus company for each trip.
– Pays parking fees as required.
– Reconciles bank statements.
– Provides a financial summary at season end to help in determining the next year’s fees.

Interested in either position? Contact:

Russ Jones on an upcoming trip, or at:
Herring Belles & Beaux XC Ski Club
c/o 12 Ardrossan Place Toronto M4N 2X3

Trip 1 to Duntroon

DuntroonThere’s snow at Nordic Highlands near Duntroon and that’s the destination for our first trip this Wednesday, January 6. About 15 km of trail are open and our trail fee is $13 ($10 for snowshoeing).

Remember, the bus leaves promptly at 9, so it’s best to arrive about 15 minutes before that. Please refer to yesterday’s (Jan. 3) email for details about parking.

Winter is here! See you on the trails.