Get ready to kick and glide

Greetings, Herringbelles members – both Belles and Beaux.

The unusually beautiful summer is a distant memory as the weekend’s snowfall reminds us of the wonderful ski season to come. (This is not what Gary and I were thinking as we made our way back to Canada via Pearson airport two nights ago !)

Since skiing makes winter special for all of us, let’s embrace it and celebrate a warm welcome back for all returning and new Herringbelles members. The buses are ordered for Jan. 11, 18, 25, Feb. 1, 8, 15 with Feb. 22 and Mar. 1 as spare dates in case of weather cancellations. Parking is arranged free of charge in the east lot at the Toronto Botanical Gardens at Lawrence and Leslie.

As usual the bus will arrive around 8:30 a.m. and leave promptly at 9:00. Destinations are generally announced at the beginning of each week as they are very much dependent on the weather.

To date we have more than 40 full-time members, 8 spares and 1 “one time ” trial, which makes our finances viable for another season. Our phoners Catherine Pitt, Helga Thurow and Pam Roberts have again kindly volunteered to communicate with their assigned members, but will probably have less to do with increased use of emails and the website.

Please keep informed by checking the Herringbelles website so ably produced by webmaster Gary Schlee. In fact, if you have subscribed to the website (as most of you have), you will automatically receive an email notification indicating our destination a few days before each outing.

The transition to new treasurer Hedi Furrer and new membership secretary Mary Wilson  has been very smooth  as they have expertly handled their roles and made my job very easy.

A huge thank-you to all six volunteers mentioned above!!

Wishing you a very happy festive season and hoping for snowy, safe skiing,

Christa Naylor    (Co-ordinator – and parking attendant extraordinaire)


Brian skiing at Duntroon. Photo by Hedi Furrer.