Party & ski at Scenic Caves

Hello Herring Belles & Beaux,

ScenicCavesI’m encouraged to see the snow falling outside my window… means we won’t have to take our rock skis to Scenic Caves this Wednesday ! Let’s hope for a good ski day followed by a delightful get-together in the log cabin. Wine, glasses, plates and napkins will be on hand — just bring your delicious contribution to the feast and enjoy the excellent company. Trail fees are $12 for both skiers and snow-shoers, correct change always welcome !

Looking forward to Wednesday, keep up the snow dance,


No trip this Wednesday

Hello Herring Belles & Beaux,

Since the weather gods are not with us, we will have to cancel for tomorrow. Highlands Nordic is closed today with no great improvement expected for Wednesday. They are even asking for the snow dance on their website (sadly there is no insurance coverage for no-snow closures).

Let us remain hopeful for next Wednesday, party day at Scenic Caves. We will keep our eyes on the long-range forecast and plan accordingly.

Have a good week and keep fit by dancing, Christa

Stay tuned about Wednesday

Hello Herring Belles & Beaux,

There was nothing good on the weather front this morning !

The plan was and still is to go to Duntroon,  but we’re holding off on the final decision until we see how tomorrow’s rain impacts the trails at Highlands Nordic. ($14/$10)

Stay tuned… the snow dance 🎿🎿🎿🎿🎿

Fingers and skis crossed, Christa

Trip 2 to Duntroon

Good morning, Herringbelles and Beaux,

What a morning…..only 10 more weeks of winter !  Let’s enjoy it by going to Highlands Nordic in Duntroon this Wednesday: $14 for skiing and $10 for snowshoeing.Duntroon

See you on the bus,  Christa

Add skating to your winter routine?

A note from member Donald Chu:
“If you are into distance skating, the double rink at Otter Creek is available Sundays, 9 am to 11:45 am.

“Great for doing laps, getting some cardio and staying fit for x-ski season.  Otter Creek is located just south of Lawrence Park high school (near Lawrence & Avenue Rd.). Parking and skating is free. The rink has a heated change room with washroom facilities.”

First trip to Horseshoe

Hello HB&B skiers and snowshoers,

Happy New Year and a big WARM welcome to another great season to all members new and old! We must have all been doing the snow dance faithfully,  because we were amply rewarded with the white stuff…..may it continue well into February!

For the benefit of all a few items of information:
1) Parking is again in the east section of the Toronto Botanical Gardens parking lot at Leslie and Lawrence. It continues to be free with the voucher to be handed out on the first Wednesday and to be displayed in your windshield on all following Wednesdays.

Horseshoe2) This week we will go to Horseshoe which despite my best efforts is charging $20 and $12 for ski and snowshoe trail passes. As always, to make collecting on the bus easier,  please bring the right change (this does not mean emptying all the change in your piggy bank 🐷).

3) As you know, the bus leaves promptly at 9:00 a.m.

On behalf of all Herring Belles and Beaux,  my thanks goes to membership secretary Mary, treasurer Hedi, webmaster Gary, as well as the phoners Helga, Pam and Catherine, without whose great contributions there would be no club. Looking forward to seeing you all on the bus,

Christa  (co-ordinator)