Trip 6: Duntroon

Hello Herring Belles & Beaux,

DuntroonHaving just returned from a spectacular day of skiing at Horseshoe, I can only hope that you will all have a similar experience at Highlands Nordic next week. (Feb.14 😍)

This post is going out early because webmaster Gary Schlee and Jan are off to New Orleans tomorrow, while Mary and her husband as well as Gary N and I are all travelling next Wednesday. However, you are in good hands: Donald (the photo guy) has been selected to be interim leader (or coordinator-in-training) and therefore promoted to the front seat (without salary). As usual, Helga will be counting and Hedi will be collecting ($14 and $10).

With a  larger number of seats available on the bus it might be an excellent time to bring a guest for the fee of $40.00.

Enjoy the last ski of the 2018 season and mark your calendars for January 9, 2019!!

Until then, happy trails,


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