Trip 3 to Hardwood Hills

Hello Herring Belles and Beaux, ❄❄❄

Lots of snow today…..may it continue into February !

HardwoodConditions are good for Hardwood Hills, so we’ll try it for the first time since 2017. Fees are $20 for skiing and $14 for snowshoeing.

Last week was quite warm, this week will be quite cold !!
Prepare for the unpredictable,  Christa


Destination change for Trip 2

Highlands-Nordic-logoHello Herring Belles and Beaux,

ow’s milder weather and predicted rain have made it advisable to postpone the Hardwood Hills event to another day. We are hoping for a better ski and snowshoe trip to Highlands Nordic in Duntroon where conditions are expected to be more favourable. Some will especially enjoy the excellent coffee and fine baked goodies there !!

Please note that fees
tomorrow will be $14 and $10, leaving more money in your pocket …..the right change is always appreciated.

Unfortunately it’s another longer bus ride, but hopefully we’ll have a great day, Christa

Trip 2 to Hardwood Hills

HardwoodHello Herring Belles and Beaux,

I hope you’re already thinking about skiing and snowshoeing on this bone-chilling Monday, because the treacherous weather gods are forecasting something quite different for Wednesday. However, the plan is to go to Hardwood Hills for the first time since 2017. Trail fees are $20 for skiers and $14 for snowshoers, so please bring the right change for easier collection on the bus.

See you in the parking lot for a prompt 9 a.m. departure,

(And remember to display your parking permit !!)

No skiing tomorrow

Happy New Year Herringbelles and -beaux !!
What a start to the 2019 season !  The snow gods have let us down,  the conditions are not good enough at Highlands Nordic or Scenic Caves and the forecast is unpredictable at best.  In short, it has been advisable to cancel tomorrow’s trip.
This means the addition of February 20 to the schedule. Stay hopeful, keep on snow-dancing and check this website regularly for future updates to help the phoners with their job of informing the members on their list.
Stay tuned for next week’s developments…….
Some people are enjoying the bare, dry roads, but I’m singing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”.    ☃☃☃  Best regards, Christa