Trip 6 to Duntroon confirmed

Happy Family Day, Herring BBs!

The final trip of the season, to Nordic Highlands, is a go — despite the tropical weather. We’re assured the snow base is solid and will easily last through and beyond this Wednesday. Just a reminder that the skiing trail fee is $13 and snowshoeing is $10 — and that parking will again be at the west end of the lot.

Mary, Hedi, Helga & Gary (the Christa backup team)Duntroon


Trips 5 & 6: Horseshoe & Duntroon

Good evening HerringBBs,

HorseshoeThis week there is no question about going or not going …..the snow is fantastic and it seems Gary and I are leaving at the height of the ski season !!! ( I will do a snow dance in the desert and the jungle to ensure good skiing and snowshoeing next week……)

Here are the details:

  •  This week, Feb.15 –  Horseshoe – skiing $15, snowshoeing $10
  •  Next week, Feb. 22Highlands Nordic (Duntroon) – skiing $13, snowshoeing $10 (Note: if conditions should change, we’ll post about it before that date.)

A furtDuntroonher reminder that parking on the 22nd will be the same as last week, in the south-west area of the parking lot due to another movie shoot.

Have a wonderful day on the trails, see you next season and enjoy the summer between now and then,   Christa

Trip 4 – Scenic Caves potluck

Good morning, HerringBBs:

ScenicCavesThis Wednesday will be our second trip to Scenic Caves…….this time we’ll be in the log cabin with the fireplace and wine  for our fifth (maybe sixth) annual party. Please bring one appetizer or dessert per person (finger food is best) to share at 2 o’clock instead of the usual lunch break. Trail fees are the same as last time: $12 for skiing and snowshoeing.

PARKING ALERT: As previously mentioned there will be a movie shoot in the parking lot, so we are asked to park and meet the bus in the south-western part of the lot at Leslie and Lawrence (south of the TBG building).
Looking forward to another grand day of outdoor and indoor fun,   Christa

Trip 3 – Hardwood Hills

HardwoodGood morning, HerringBBs

It’s an easier decision this week…..we have some snow and the conditions look good at Hardwood. Rates are $19 for skiing and $13 for snowshoeing, so it will be most helpful to have the right change (no nickels or dimes !!!). Looking forward to another great day on the trails,  Christa ⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷⛷

Our day at Scenic Caves

Hello HerringBBs!

Contrary to expectations, conditions at Scenic Caves made for a most enjoyable day of skiing and snowshoeing. Leaving bare Toronto city streets behind we looked in vain for snow in Barrie and Collingwood, but then wished we were down-hilling as we saw the white Blue Mountain slopes. At Scenic Caves, we found a good base for snowshoeing and ski trails that were soft and slick, but not icy. 

Let’s hope we get lucky again next week in this winter of unpredictable weather,   Christa

Trip 2: Scenic Caves

Good morning, HerringBBs

ScenicCavesAlthough conditions at Highlands Nordic are for experienced skiers only, I feel we are MATURE skiers and can therefore enjoy Scenic Caves tomorrow (January 25).  They are working on grooming the trails today and say that snowshoeing is also good.

With any luck there may even be some new snow……Only one trail fee tomorrow: $12 for both skiing and snowshoeing. Please bring the right change, food, drinks and a sunny outlook,


P.S. To see the snow conditions at Scenic Caves, simply click on on the logo above.

Decision on Tuesday

Good morning, HerringBBs!

Another iffy situation, but better than last week……You must have been dancing hard, because there is some snow in the forecast.  Highlands Nordic seems to be our best bet. I will check with them again tomorrow morning to confirm our Wednesday trip. 

Stay tuned, more details to come,  Christa  ☃