Trip 1 to Scenic Caves

ScenicCavesHello Herring Belles and Beaux,

Although not perfect, we are expecting much better conditions than last week and are planning to go to Scenic Caves where the fees are $15 for skiers and snowshoers.

For a prompt departure, meet the bus well before 9 in the TBG parking lot at Lawrence and Leslie.

Let’s hope for a great day,


Still time to join us for skiing & shoeing!

Herring Belles & Beaux is filling up for the 2019 season of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The deadline for signing up was November 23, but if you quickly send your membership form and cheque to Mary, our Membership director, in the next few days, you still have an opportunity to be a part of this season’s trips. We’ve already had an early taste of winter this month; it bodes well for a great year of skiing & shoeing!

Click on Join Us.

A reminder to join us

If you haven’t already signed up for the 2018 season with the Herring Belles & Beaux, we hope you will. It was 30 degrees outside when we posted the original invitation to join, or rejoin, us. Now that we’re experiencing cooler temperatures, it’s time to think about cross-country skiing with us this winter.

Here’s how:

  1. Find information about the 2018 fees (reduced this year as we had a small surplus at the end of last season) at Who We Are. (Regular $150; Spare $125; Guest $45 per trip)
  2. Read about how to renew or join the club at Join Us.
  3. Complete a copy of the 2018 Membership Form. (Cheque made out to Herring Belles & Beaux; mailed to Herring Belles & Beaux, 49 Lascelles Blvd, Toronto, ON M5P 2C9)

The deadline is November 24, 2017.

Thank you to those who have already renewed.

A terrific ski season

Hello Herringbelles and -beaux !  We’ve had a terrific ski season completing all six outings despite the three cancellations due to either too little or too much snow.  The executive and the phoners wish all of you a happy and healthy spring, summer and fall before that magic sign-up date in November. Look for our email containing registration forms,  a request for cheques and information on the 2014 season! Potential new members should check out the Who We Are and the Join Us tabs at the top of this screen. You can contact us at

Christa Naylor, Coordinator